Benghazi Hero, Kris Paronto, Just Exposed the Real John Brennan. It Got Ugly Fast. BY

He’s a retired Army Ranger and a Benghazi Hero. Kris Paronto has proven he doesn’t put up with guff from anyone, and former CIA Director John Brennan just learned the hard way that that also applies to social media.

Brennan has been busy bashing President Donald Trump, as per usual, and claimed that being stripped of his no-longer-necessary security clearance is somehow Trump attempting “to suppress freedom of speech (and) punish critics.”

Please note that while Brennan is making this claim, he is still freely speaking and criticizing Trump. On social media and television.

In response, Paronto fired off a tweet at Brennan that shone a very bright spotlight onto Brennan’s tweet-mentioned “principles.” In his sights was the horror show of what happened in the aftermath of Benghazi:

Much of what has been claimed about Brennan in the tweets can be verified through news reports, government hearing records and other authoritative sources. While Paronto has strong reason to not be a fan of Brennan, his criticism of the man might not be only fueled by his personal experience.

One thought on “Benghazi Hero, Kris Paronto, Just Exposed the Real John Brennan. It Got Ugly Fast. BY

  1. Gerald

    I knew all the long that they were not telling us the truth about what happen We will know more later

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