BREAKING: NBC Abandons Own Crew To Avoid Spoiling “Peaceful Antifa Protest” Narrative

This weekend in Washington D.C., a group of just over two-dozen soggy white nationalist degenerates met in Lafayette Park to mark the grim anniversary of Charlottesville.

There were more police officers, security personnel, counter-protesters and antifa members in attendance than there were white supremacists. In other words, the second iteration of the Unite the Right rally clearly wasn’t the threat it was made out to be.

That isn’t saying there wasn’t a threat involved. Left-wing antifa groups moved in on both the small contingent of white nationalists and police, although arrests were scant.

“At a news conference Sunday evening, Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said one man was arrested in connection with the protest,” Fox News reported.

“Newsham identified the man as 44-year-old John Mulligan of Pennsylvania and said he pepper-sprayed another man in the face at approximately 5 p.m., around the time the white nationalist demonstrators left Lafayette Park. The chief said Mulligan was carrying a slingshot, stones and large pieces of glass when he was apprehended.”

That wasn’t to say there weren’t plenty of other problems afoot. Some of them happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, where antifa members also gathered the night before the Washington D.C. protests.One NBC News camera caught what happened on Saturday in Charlottesville when their camera crew was approached by far-left antifa members. We warn you that the video is graphic, but it’s imperative to put what happened in the proper context.

“F— you, snitch a– news b—-. F— you!” one antifa protester said before they assaulted one of the cameramen. The video cuts off quickly after that, but at no time does anyone seem to reach out to quell this assault.

NBC was perfectly willing to abandon their camera crew, who were assaulted during a counter-protest in Charlottesville — where they were just fighting “fascists,” remember? — by downplaying the treatment they received as heckling.

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