GOP Lawmakers Led by Rep. Kevin Yoder Pass Vote Allowing Gang-Domestic Violence Victims to Enter US

The House Appropriations Committee voted on Wednesday to allow victims of gang violence and domestic abuse to enter the US under new asylum rules.

n June, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a decision to stop granting asylum for such claimants. On Wednesday House Republicans overturned this.

The amendment passed on a voice vote.

He allowed this vote to pass out of committee.
It is up to the House now to kill it.

There is absolutely no way for US authorities to verify if an asylum seeker was actually the victim of gang or domestic violence.
What this law does is open the US and US borders to anyone who claims to be a victim of gang-domestic violence.


There are over 500 million people today living in Latin America.

Many of these countries are violent and domestic violence is rampant.

Anyone from one of these countries could claim domestic abuse.
How would we know if they were not telling the truth?
We can’t possibly know this.
Welcome to America!

This effectively eliminates US borders.

Such people should be baned form making law or even siting in such places. What do you think on this scenario, kindly tell us your views in the comment section below.

One thought on “GOP Lawmakers Led by Rep. Kevin Yoder Pass Vote Allowing Gang-Domestic Violence Victims to Enter US

  1. Unreal how these alleged reps of the people show little to no regard for their own people.

    Since the victims here are Mexican for most part, US should tell Mexico to clean it up or US will send in tanks, gunships and troops to do it for them. No prisoners ! Dead on the ground only. Give them 24 hours to show proof of effort. US will move our border south to Mexico by 20 miles to keep illegals from moving across our real borders.

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