GOP Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Fine Mexico to Pay for the Wall

A border state Republican congressman is introducing a bill that would effectively use foreign funds to help pay for President Trump’s planned wall on the Mexican border.

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona authored House Resolution 6657, which would establish a separate U.S. Treasury account to “hold deposits to be used to secure the southern border of the United States.”

Republican Reps. Scott Des Jarlais of Tennessee, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Paul Gosar of Arizona have signed on as co-sponsors.

Biggs said in a statement obtained by The Washington Examiner that “even with a Republican-controlled [Congress], we have failed to secure the funds for the border wall. In the meantime, our Border Patrol agents suffer demoralizing losses of resources and personnel.”

Biggs’ “Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act” would penalize the governments of countries from which illegal immigrants emigrate.

One thought on “GOP Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Fine Mexico to Pay for the Wall

  1. Yes, a wall too many illegals here receiving entitlements. Criminals Save our tax dollars..We are fed up of supporting them.

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