Guns and High Heels – Why More Women in America Are Buying Guns

Democrats reject the second amendment because they believe that a tyrannical government is impossible in this day and age. Then why do they say that Trump is a tyrant? Do you see the irony here? And that’s not all.

During October to November in 2016, the seven states (plus the District of Columbia) where Hillary won with a huge margin saw a 20.6% increase in background checks against a 4.5% increase in the top 19 Republican states. It is likely that the increase is due to minorities “buying guns out of fear of a Trump presidency.” Gun stores told NBC News that they saw four times as many black and minority customers after election day.

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Another group that has experienced a huge spike in gun ownership, but for different reasons, is women. It is the fastest growing gun demographic in the country that is between 12 to 17 million strong.

Handgun sales are the heart of the $51 billion industry and $43% of gun owners who have only handguns are female. In Texas, the center of American gun culture, women hold 250,000 of the 1 million licenses issued to carry handguns. Utah experienced a similar trend. Of the 30,000 concealed carry permits issued in 2017, over 65% went to women, highest in 10 years.


According to a study by Harvard, the number of women who own guns has gone up by 5 million over the last two decades from 9% to 12% of all women in America (the rate of male gun owners dropped during the same time).

“More women are buying more guns, and more of them are buying guns for self-protection,” notes Aimee Huff, a lecturer at Oregon State University who studies the industry’s marketing techniques.

A recent graduate of Florida State University, Shayna Lopez-Rivas got a gun after she was attacked. The 23-year-old inherited anti-gun views from her family but her attitude changed after she was raped on campus in 2014. “I had pepper spray, he had a knife,” Lopez-Rivas said. “I wasn’t fast enough or strong enough.” She felt empowered when she picked up a gun for the first time. “As much as women are equal to men in every other way, the truth is that in a biological sense we’re not equal. They’re bigger, faster, stronger. We need to find something that is an equalizer. And for me that equalizer was a firearm.”

Dion, 35, from California purchased a handgun after someone attempted to rob her. “That’s when I decided I do need to empower myself,” said Dion. “Owning a gun has made me feel more comfortable. I really do think it’s an equalizer.”

Girls on social media soon followed suit. In April, Brenna Spencer got a lot of attention after she tweeted her graduation photo in a “Women for Trump” top with a handgun tucked into her jeans. Then in May, Kaitlin Marie’s graduation photo on Twitter went viral in which a semi-automatic rifle was strapped around her back. Her tweet said, “As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don’t have to be.”

Critics, however, were not swayed. Jessica Valenti wrote in the Guardian that “the NRA wants us to believe that guns protect the most vulnerable among us, instead of realizing the truth – that they kill the most vulnerable.”

Valenti is talking about the issue of mass shootings and gun crime in general because guns are so widely available in America that many deranged individuals are able to obtain them often without even the smallest of scrutiny. That has led to enormous amounts of gun violence on women alone: 50 women are shot every month by current or former partners and American women are 16 times more likely to be killed by a gun than women in other developed countries.

“Are gun deaths the price of admission for living in America”? asked a VICE News reporterto NRA Instructor Tiffany Johnson.

“If I had to choose between risking the chance that some other person might misuse a right that I enjoy versus me giving up that right altogether for myself? I wouldn’t choose to give up the right for myself.”

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